about us

SimWay AB is a small but very experienced development studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. So far we’ve mainly produced pc-games and simulators targeted for (in-door) golf and hunting. But since we all (well, almost everyone) have become parents we figured it would be nice to do something for our kids too. The undisputable magic influence iPads and iPhones exercise on our children simply couldn’t pass unnoticed so we felt more or less obligated to create something ourselves. And here it is: TablePlay, the first game in what we hope will become a string of applications for kids.

So, is there anything special about it? Well, not really apart from looking incredibly good and playing perfectly on all platforms. Still, there’s one thing we realized: It’s sometimes quite difficult to limit the amount of time our little loved ones spends with the iPad – it’s simply too fun! So to cut the story short, we implemented a timer to help us remind our kids (and ourselves) to once in a while take a break and do something else. We believe all parents already are aware this little “problem” so it doesn’t need any further explanation. Just use the timer when you feel you want to limit the playing a bit. Even though this might annoy your kid (having to break while spending quality-time with the machine) it will do magic for your conscience and your kid will have something to long for; another round with TablePlay! Have fun and don’t forget to have a fruit break, just like monkeys do!

If you're interested in our other products, please click the logo below or send a mail to info@simway.se.