about us

TablePlay is a fun and creative game for young kids who like to puzzle, paint, and play memory. Designed just as their physical counterparts, the games don’t require any specific introduction and kids will easily learn to navigate and control the application by themselves. Puzzle and memory have three levels of difficulty, providing hours of fun-filled challenges.

We all know how easy it is to forget about time when we’re playing games and doing fun stuff. Being parents ourselves, we know how much our kids love playing on the iPad and how disappointed they get when we want them to quit. Well, we pondered a little over this “problem” and came up with a simple solution; an integrated game play timer which helps you to limit the time your kid spends with this application. Although it’s not necessarily a bad thing to play much, we feel it’s important to do other things too. The timer is just a friendly way to remind you and say: Let’s have a break!

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