Level up with the world’s most advanced interactive simulator for hunting and target shooting!


SimWay Hunt tracks your gun barrel movement so you can replay and analyze your motion data visually. The instant feedback gives you a better and deeper understanding on how to improve your targeting and general shooting techniques. This is also what makes SimWay Hunt a perfect teaching and learning tool for any aspiring hunter.

Double fun! Dual mode lets you share any target on the screen so you challenge your friends in duels, play hunting scenarios as well as different arcade style shooting games. This will most certainly invoke your competitive instinct and add a good dose of adrenaline to the experience!

Clay shooters - check this out! SimWay Hunt is developed in collaboration with Håkan Dahlby, Olympic medalist in double trap 2012. Håkan is now aiming for gold in the olympics 2016 and we can see he got a very good chance getting there. We also feel pretty confident that we have developed the best skeet and trap simulator on market!

3D! Move around in a beautifully real-time rendered 3D world to hunt boar, moose, deer or birds.

The hardware. SimWay Hunt comes with realistic weapon replicas as well as a range of attachable devices for your own weapon, including double barreled shotguns and handguns.