World class golf simulator - 100 courses and counting!


Since the start in 2006 we have successfully produced and released a diverse range of software products aimed towards the international golf market. Many thousands of players all over the world now use our software to improve their swing and thus becoming better golfers. Additionally we also make video fly-overs, PC golf games, iPhone apps and visualizations of golf courses and buildings related to the courses.

Our software is used in both Focaltrons GolfAchiever and Optishot Golf products and up to day we have created more than a hundred playable golf courses ranging across the globe; from Banff in Canada to Hua Hin in Thailand.

The software is designed to easily integrate any peripheral hardware and take full advantage of the incoming data flow from a ball trajectory. The Optishot and GolfAchiever simulators are perfect examples on how we can provide a complete solution of dedicated software and graphic content regardless of external technology such as laser, radar, infrared light or a camera tracking devices. All content (3D graphics) is created from either terrestrial laser data or modeled by hand by our artists using in-house software tools.

This technology can be utilized for any type of visualization project. If you are interested in what we can do for you and have any questions regarding visualizations, just use the contact form here!