it's been a while since our last update here but there’s a good reason for it; we’ve been quite busy delivering SimWay Hunt 2014 to new customers around the world; from oilrigs outside the Norwegian coast to hunting shops in Brazil, arcade centers and hunting educators around Europe. The list of SimWay Hunt users is growing at a steady pace as new distributors are being appointed, covering twenty countries so far. So don’t hesitate if you are interested in becoming a reseller for our products in your country/region, please visit the contact page for more information.

We’re quickly approaching our quarterly update of the software, which by the way, contains both new scenarios and animal types. All customers will be notified as soon as this new release becomes available for download. Just like the software, our hardware is continuously being refined as well. Some new production methods have been evaluated and you can expect interesting stuff happening in the hardware department during 2015.

Things have been moving forward on the green too; a new and quite revolutionary product is currently under development in cooperation with ProTracer, targeting all driving ranges in the world. Right now golfers are testing and evaluating the software at a few select ranches. More on this subject later. Earlier this year we also finalized the visualizations of Royal Liverpool for The Open - the world’s greatest golf tournament! The complete course was recreated in full 3D using our own proprietary software.
Stay tuned for more news as it comes!

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